We are on a mission to end human suffering in the workplace through education, coaching and consulting that is reality-based and agile-driven. 

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Work Life Doesn’t Have to Suck. You’re the Leader. Fix it.

In today’s world, all organizations are time-starved and resource-poor given what they’re asked to do—this isn’t going to change.  But they don’t have to be political or neurotic.  Work can be a place of meaning, of contribution, with pride in craftsmanship and infectious cultural energy—a place where people are as excited to come to work in the morning as they are to go home in the evening—if you design it into the system.  Our in-real-life experience shows you the way.

Create and Master
Process Agility

Product Development is difficult.  Regularly developing a product that people want to use is challenging.  You are working to solve a problem that is often ill-defined with limited resources using an unforgiving language.  Do your projects never end?  Do your product development teams struggle to collaborate?  Does it take you “forever” to realize value from your efforts? You’re the leader. Fix it.


Design for
Organizational Agility

Is your organization in a rut?  Are you tired of your organization not being held in higher regard?  Has your organization become complacent?  Do you fear your organization’s descent into irrelevance?  Maybe you are just fundamentally unhappy with your organization’s status quo. The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.  You’re the leader.  Fix it.


Resistance to Change

Apathy. Ignorance. Skepticism. Cynicism. Passive Aggression. Guerrilla-style sabotage. Outright resistance to change. Has the irresistible force of your change effort run into the immovable object of organizational resistance?  You’re the leader. Fix it.

Don’t look back and wonder.
Don’t sit back and watch.

Make it happen.

We exist to guide and aid those motivated leaders of organizations of any kind, any size, any age, and any station in any hierarchy who:

  • doneThink that work life in their organization doesn’t have to suck.
  • doneAre tired of their organization being on a treadmill, or in a rut.
  • doneAre tired of their organization not being held in higher regard.
  • doneFear complacency and want to keep their organization aroused to challenge.
  • doneFear their organization’s descent into irrelevance.
  • doneAre fundamentally unhappy with their organization’s status quo; and know that work life can be better.
  • doneWant to make their organization a more meaningful place for all with a stake in its success—its customers, employees, owners, suppliers, and the many communities to which they belong.

We’re agilityIRL. We make the future a way of life.