Keynote Speaking

Culture: The Key to Organizational Agility

Tailorable to be 1-2-hours in length, this presentation is designed to help motivated leaders at any and all levels introduce Design for Organizational Agility concepts, principles, models and lessons to unaware, or even skeptical, colleagues.


Every organization—regardless of size, kind, purpose, function or station in some larger hierarchy—is a composite of the technical system by which it does its work (i.e., its processes), and the social system by which it governs the conduct of its work (i.e., its culture).

In other words, every organization is the product of its processes and its culture. The degree of an organization’s agility, then, is the product of the agility of its processes and the agility of its culture.

While designing and maintaining agile processes is an engineering discipline that is well understood, designing and maintaining an agile culture is a leadership discipline that is not well understood. Yet, experience teaches us that it is the organization’s culture that is THE key to its success. Accordingly, this presentation will introduce field-proven concepts, principles and models to better understand:

  • Historical perspective, definitions, myth busting and other level setting.
  • The interdependence of process and culture.
  • The case for culture being THE key to any team’s agility, performance or competitive advantage.
  • A pragmatic definition of “culture”.
  • The anatomy of a culture, along with pragmatic lessons for affecting cultural change.
  • Some tools useful in diagnosing cultural health and prescribing treatment.

A PDF of the presentation materials will be provided upon its conclusion.


This presentation is given by Jim Ruprecht, Co-Founder & Principal Consultant, agilityIRL, LLC, and author of Windward Leadership: Taking Your Organization into the Prevailing Winds and Political Seas.

This presentation is based on Jim’s experience as an accomplished leader in real life, where he has held positions ranging from VP Jim Ruprechtof IT, then a VP in Product Development, at a global, $5 billion business unit of a Fortune 250 medical device manufacturer; to COO of a small, second stage, biopolymer engineering firm; to “chief digital officer” at a privately held aircraft manufacturer; to “specialist” at Apple, to the startup of several “boutique” consulting firms. He has also served on several boards for non-profit and for-profit organizations.

An early contributor during Agile’s emergent years, Jim is also a pioneer in applying agile principles to organizations and leadership.  In this presentation, Jim will share the lessons he has learned over the course of his career creating 9 new organizations, renovating 4 under-performing ones, and redesigning 2 that were tooled for yesterday’s problems.

Jim’s pragmatic approach remains unconstrained by conventional thinking. This presentation is designed to open leaders’ minds, and steer them away from the dysfunctional assumptions, habits, and tendencies that are prevalent in today’s typical organizations. Moving from sound underlying concepts and theories to pragmatic issues, this class also includes concrete methods and tools for making organizational agility an operational reality.