We practice what we’ve lived, not just what we’ve learned. That’s the “in real life” part.

Overcome Resistance to Change

Apathy. Ignorance. Skepticism. Cynicism. Passive Aggression. Guerrilla-style sabotage. Outright resistance to change. Has the irresistible force of your change effort run into the immovable object of organizational resistance?  You’re the leader. Fix it.

Design for
Organizational Agility

Is your organization in a rut?  Are you tired of your organization not being held in higher regard?  Has your organization become complacent?  Do you fear your organization’s descent into irrelevance?  Maybe you are just fundamentally unhappy with your organization’s status quo. The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.  You’re the leader.  Fix it.

Create and Master Process Agility

Product Development is difficult.  Regularly developing a product that people want to use is challenging.  You are working to solve a problem that is often ill-defined with limited resources using an unforgiving language.  Do your projects never end?  Do your product development teams struggle to collaborate?  Does it take you “forever” to realize value from your efforts? You’re the leader. Fix it.

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