Why We’re Here

We are on a crusade to restore performance, joy and inspiration in today’s political, time-starved, resource-poor, and often neurotic organizations – one team at a time.

For us, it’s all about the “IRL” in our name – Agility In Real Life. We’ve been where you are; we’ve led from the mid-level and from the C-Suite, and we’ve seen a lot of different flavors of leadership coaching. Sadly, most leadership coaching seems to come from people who don’t have the practical experience that we do, and, as a result, it doesn’t provide long term results.

We have the in-real-life experience you want in a coach, a trainer, a mentor – the expertise to give you the tools, techniques, and wisdom you need to adapt, respond, assess, and deliver the leadership required by your team, your organization, your market, and, quite frankly, yourself.

Our Mission

We provide agile-based, reality-driven leadership education and development in the interdependent areas of process and culture to create and run the kind of work environment needed to change the world.

Our goal is to enable motivated leaders and teams to achieve competitive advantage on every dimension: as a market force, as an employer of preference, as a rewarding investment, as a trusted partner, and as a good citizen.

We are dedicated to purging the workplace of money-mangling, time-trashing, resource-robbing, dignity-demeaning, emotion-exhausting, pride-punishing, value-vexing nonsense, and restoring the conditions needed to create, connect, surprise and succeed.

Our Promise

We promise to work collaboratively with you. Specifically, we promise to:

  • Be there–the consultants who win an engagement will also perform the engagement.
  • Teach our clients the principles, models, concepts, methods, and tools that we have learned to be effective – the whats, the hows and the whys
  • Coach our clients and assist you in the practical application of those principles, models, concepts, methods and tools.
  • Guide our clients and separate reality from mythology, information from speculation–we will teach them the things to beware and avoid.
  • Be our client’s right-hand person, but we will not be your proxy. As we have learned – in real life – the leadership role is one that cannot be delegated to a third party.
  • Have the good grace to leave when you’ve become self-reliant, while remaining open and available for on-going assistance at your pleasure.